Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell

Entertaining Demons by [Russell, Daniel I.]

Daniel I Russell’s latest novel, Entertaining Demons is a perfect blend of brutal horror and delicious satire.

At first glance, it appears to be a novel aimed at teens, with the central character, a girl named Molly, the star of a paranormal television show, but in actual fact, it’s far from it.

Instead, we’re given a glimpse into demonology, but also the evil that is society’s addiction to entertainment. Molly is a reality TV sensation, with her very own film crew filming her every move, just hoping for some sort of paranormal experience.

Without giving too much of the plot away very dangerous paranormal activity starts happening and it soon becomes apparent that something demonic wants Molly’s soul (nothing new here in other books similar to the genre), but things take a very “entertaining” turn when Russell introduces us to just a few of the demons whose sole job, is to damn mankind.

Damnation is, in a word, big business and two particular demons don’t like the idea of a television show exposing their secrets to the world. When this pair step in things get very, very nasty and there is bloodshed and torture aplenty, which is one of the things I love about Russell’s style. There are quite a few flashes of brilliant writing, particularly whenever the demons unmask. You can’t help but feel a chill.

Having said that, the mystery Russell weaves around Molly, her mother and her grandfather are also treated with the same attention to detail. You’re constantly left wondering who she really is and why a demon would want her so badly. There’s clearly something wrong with her mother beyond mental illness and her grandfather seems to be constantly on edge.

Russell also takes the concept of television having a hold over society and being “the root of all evil” literally with great results, but in the end, it is Molly’s story of survival in the midst of diabolical odds that really won me over and the ending is definitely one I never saw coming.

All in all, Entertaining Demons is a very enjoyable escape into darkness. You can pre-order it now through Amazon or via the publisher, Apex Publications.

Four stars.

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